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Efficient processes and logistics are unquestionably important in the core plate production. Production stops due to the lack of coatings can cause high financial damages. HELIOS is your experienced partner and specialized on the production of high quality core plate varnishes, coil coatings, protective coatings and high heat resistant coatings. Our product solutions are tailor-made for the individual demands of our customers – especially in terms of viscosity, low VOC content, colour tone and other quality characteristics. Quality and innovation are the drivers of the continuous product development.



Helios offers innovative and field proven coil coating solutions. In other words: our products help you to satisfy your end customers. All our primers, top coats and back coats are put through extensive and long term testing. They show excellent mechanical, chemical and UV resistance. We deliver to all different markets, e.g. building and architecture, home appliance or the automotive sector. Our specialists can guide you towards the right product for your market which will not only fit well with your coil coating line but also with your specific process parameters.

Product Advantages

  • Chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Good UV resistance

Core plate varnishes from our brand Rembrandtin are water based and offer environmental friendly solutions for electrical insulation of core plates. Their excellent insulation properties reduce eddy current losses during the operation of electrical machines and thus improve their efficiency. Besides their electrical insulation properties also other characteristics like punchability, weldability or annealing resistance are very important features delivered by our market leading core plate varnishes. For more details please visit www.rembrandtin.com.

Product Advantages

  • Waterbased
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Chromium free
  • Worldwide availability
  • Widely homologated

Our protective coatings are designed to meet the highest industry standards. Only after rigorous testing they are served to protect constructions, power plants, electrical towers, infrastructure and OGC projects. Within Rembrandtin and HELIOS Group customer service is a key focus. We are pleased to offer consulting for your projects as well as competent on-site service.

Product Advantages

  • Excellent anti-scale protection
  • Tailor-made solutions for special customer requirements

Our high heat resistant coatings for the steel mill industry offer an excellent scale prevention to steel profiles and plates up to 970°C. This ensures an even temperature-distribution during heating and cooling. Thus, the thermal distortion is very low. The press in of scale-layers onto the surface of the sheet by the conveyor rolls will be avoided which improves the surface quality significantly.

Product Advantages

  • Protection up to 970°C
  • Excellent anti-scale protection
  • Tailor-made solutions for special customer requirements

Our shop primers fulfill highest industry standards. They are fast curing and overcoatable within a short period of time and offer excellent protection from corrosion and weathering. They are well suited as temporary protection of steel structures or as a primer in combination with different intermediate or top coats.

Product Advantages

  • Fast curing
  • Quickly overcoatable
  • Excellent corrosion protection