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Chromium-free electrostrip coating by Rembrandtin

Chromium trioxide derivates are now classified as CMR substances and the unrestricted use of these substances expired in the EU on the 21st of September 2017. Therefore, a change to chrome-free solutions is indispensable. Rembrandtin has developed a chromium-free alternative for electric strip coating.


Product advantages at a glance

  • water-dilutable one-component coating
  • chromium-free
  • produces a high tensile stress on the electrical steel strip
  • coating thickness range: 2-4μm

REMISOL EB 5320  is an inorganic coating of class C5-G according to ASTM 976. This product serves as electrical insulation for grain-oriented steel. The one-component-coating is water-dilutable and chrome-free. It is available as a clear or pigmented version. The pigmented version enables a homogeneous appearance of the coated electrical steel.

For more information, please visit Rembrandtin Website or contact our expert directly:

Dr. Johann Schellenberg
[email protected]
+43 664/966 39 36