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Extruders for the powder coating manufacturing of tomorrow

KANSAI HELIOS Group has just expanded its powder coating production using two ZSK Mv PLUS extruders with 43 mm screw diameters from Coperion. At Helios Coatings Italia and Helios Coatings Deutschland the twin screw extruder technology was installed and will increase efficiency through smart features.

High dispersion performance and universal suitability

Due to its very high dispersion performance and its suitability to a very broad range of recipes the Coperion ZSK extruders fulfill very high quality requirements, flexible options when manufacturing powder coatings and ensure efficient operation. Equipped with the new, user-optimized CSpro control system, complexity of its user interface is greatly reduced without losing any well-known functionalities. It can be operated intuitively by touch and the risk of possible operator error is markedly reduced.

Additionally, both of KANSAI HELIOS’ ZSK extruders have been equipped with electronically secured maintenance doors at the gearbox lantern. The screw shaft coupling can be accessed safely and quickly, leading, for example, to a clear reduction in downtime during machine maintenance and a resulting increase in the machine’s efficiency.