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Powder primer for wood effects on aluminium profiles

Wood and wood imitations are permanently in trend – at home between one’s own four walls as well as outside. In both interior and exterior architecture wooden constructions are a popular stylistic element. But as great as wood is as a building material, it also has its disadvantages especially in terms of maintenance. Aluminum is therefore preferred, particularly for large glass facades. In order to give the facade a natural or unusual look, it is possible to optically enhance the aluminum surfaces with sublimation printing or to design them even more creatively. The special ECOSUBLIFIX primers of our Ecopolifix brand form the basis for the print.

Diverse design possibilities through sublimation printing

In sublimation printing ink-designed decorations are transferred from the substrate to a coated surface. This transfer occurs through heat treatment with a special coating (base material) and is also called a film transfer. For the transfer of the embellishments two industrial processes can be applied, depending on the geometry of the parts to be sublimated. For aluminum profiles or objects with a more complex geometry, the transfer film is wrapped around the support and welded. The air is extracted to create a vacuum and to ensure good adhesion of the film. The film transfer takes place in the oven at 200°C for a few minutes. For aluminum plates or flat objects the transfer film is stretched over a carrier. The decoration is transferred in a few minutes using a printing press with a 200°C heated plate.

With both methods the inside of the ink – the sublimation ink – is protected from external influences. Accordingly, the finished decor has excellent durability. Depending on the customer wishes, wood, marble or granite decorations, or numerous other designs, patterns, colours and shades can be imitated. Originally, the sublimation technique was developed for the textile sector, but for several decades it has also been used for the design of aluminum windows, window frames, curtain walls, doors or sectional doors, etc.

Modern Architecture House wood metal
aluminium wood window frame

Polyester powder base for any wood effect

Ecopolifix already offers a range of sublimation coatings suitable for realistic imitations of different types of wood on aluminum panels. The products guarantee full coverage of all color shades required to reproduce any wood effect. They offer great transfer properties for wood effect sublimation films and excellent protection against weathering. Due to the many different color shades they allow an unlimited range of decorations. Some carrier layers also have a surface that is characterized by pleasant warmth and softness.

Main characteristics of the polyester powder primers:

  • Average application thickness 80–120 µm
  • Full cure temperature 200°C x 15–20 minutes
  • High cross-linking density
  • Easy removal of the film after sublimation
  • High resolution, decorative ornaments
  • Excellent weather resistance

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