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Unique state-of-the-art coating line at Brantner

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The Austrian agricultural trailer manufacturer Brantner is a Europe-wide pioneer in its industry. The complete manufacturing process of Brantner trailers is carried out in-house. This also includes the state-of-the-art surface technology plant for e-coat and powder coating. Brantner focuses on highest quality and environmental friendly solutions with HELIOS powder coatings and our Elecron e-coat.  Powder coatings are solvent-free and our e-coat has an extremely low solvent content of 1.5%. The low curing temperature of this product also enables remarkable energy savings.

Brantner is the only agricultural trailer producer in Europe arranging the entire manufacturing process for its agricultural trailers inhouse. This includes cutting, moulding, and welding components and units with modern laser and robotic technology, coating and assembly of the vehicles as well as quality control. Furthermore, Brantner is the first company in the sector to convert the coating process to e-coat and powder coating technology. The aim is to achieve a stronger technological performance, higher robustness, and reduced production costs. The plant is also designed to provide toll coating services. Agricultural equipment and trailer parts up to 16 meters long and weigh up to 4 tons can be coated.

Pretreatment and coating perfectly aligned

In addition to excellent corrosion protection, the final products provide extreme weather and UV resistance as well as a premium finish in the Brantner Design. These features can only be created with an optimum coating system.

With the combination of a waterborne 2K epoxy anti-corrosion primer (Elecron LB 280) and powder coating by HELIOS, Brantner has chosen a system which meets all quality requirements for coatings for trailers and other agricultural and construction machinery and provides the best protection from corrosion.

In cooperation with HELIOS, the modern surface technology plant was designed specifically for e-coating and powder coating applications and aligned with surface pretreatment. Coating specialists and industrial engineers cooperated closely to develop the best solution for Brantner. The whole process is cost-effective and meets the highest industry standards in the field of corrosion protection because of the optimum combination of e-coating and powder coating systems.

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